What choices do I have for purchasing your standard publications?

We currently offer an on-demand option. In future, we may additionally offer subscription based option.

In what currencies can your products and/or services be purchased?

Only in US dollars.

Are shipping charges included in the price of standard publications?

Yes. Standard ground shipping charges for deliveries within the USA are included in the price of the standard publications. Please contact us for information on charges for shipping to addresses outside of the USA, and/or for expedited delivery options. Also note that since signature is required on delivery, we cannot ship to a P O Box address.

What is your refund policy?

All transactions are final and non-refundable.

What different licensing schemes do you offer for your publications?

We offer two different types of licenses - a single user license and a corporate use license. One single user license provides one copy, while one corporate use license includes three copies. Licenses can be purchased in any combination and/or multiples of single user and corporate use licenses.

I purchased a single user license of your publication. Can I make additional copies?

No. It is illegal to make any copies of any of our publications, regardless of the license type. You can purchase any additional copies you need, directly from us.

I purchased single user license but want to convert to a corporate use license. What should I do?

Place a new order with us for an appropriate license type that meets your new need. Single user license cannot be converted to a corporate use license, or vice-versa.

In what format will the publication be delivered?

Standard publication format is bound hard copy.

Do you offer electronic format for your publication?

Not currently for standard publications. However, we will provide electronic format for our custom services, if requested by the client of that custom service.

Who owns the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for your publications?

SagiZetta owns IPR for all standard publications. For custom services, we offer our custom service clients the options to either jointly own the IPR for their custom service with us, or for them to have an exclusive IPR ownership for the custom services we performed for them. IPR ownership for any use of standard publication for any custom service shall still reside with SagiZetta.

Do you have any authorized resellers of your publications?

No. SagiZetta is the sole official supplier of all our publications.

Are there any conditions for resale of your products and/or services I purchased?

All SagiZetta products and services – standard and/or custom - are for exclusive use only by the original purchaser and are fully non-transferrable.

What are the conditions for using or referencing material from your publications I purchased?

Clients who have purchased single-use or corporate-use licenses for our standard publications can reference any of our material for use within their own organization. However the name, date, and author's name of the publication should be included in all such references. All internal use references shall be restricted to up to 5 figures and/or up to 500 words of text per license per session. Some examples of a session are – an internal company workshop, a presentation to company staff, etc.

For reference of any material for external use, use is restricted to using 2 figures and/or upto 100 words of text per event per year per license. Some examples of an event are - a conference, a road show, a press release, etc. All use of publication material for external use shall include appropriate credits for publication's name, date, and author(s).

Do you offer discount for custom service for a client who also purchased your standard publication?

Yes. We offer 10% discount to our client for a custom service that is “related” to any current calendar year standard publication that was purchased by that client. If applicable, custom service discounts are applied only at the time of custom service purchase, and not retroactively. Similarly, no discount can be applied for a past custom service client who later purchases any standard publication in the same calendar year. Our calendar year starts on Jan 1st of the year and ends on Dec 31st of the same year.