SagiZetta's nexus comprises of Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation troika. Our mission is to continuously strive for excellence along these three dimensions. Our staff is professionally qualified and well-versed along all three dimensions, with multiple decades of experience in both the developed and emerging economies around the globe. We thank you for your interest, and invite you to learn more about us and our approach below, and by visiting rest of this website.

SagiZetta Advantage

SagiZetta Advantage accrues due to combined 3D analysis along innovation, marketing, and strategy axes. We take business-centric view even when analyzing technology issues. And a qualitative vs. quantitative driven approach.

Business Innovation

Ongoing research at SagiZetta fuels the innovation engine that propels our perspectives on business opportunities. Strategy and Marketing filters are then applied to extract thought leadership crystals. This virtuous cycle repeats.

Selection Choices

We provide selection choices ranging from specific custom service to a comprehensive portfolio. By doing so, we aim to improve the odds of striking an optimal match between our clients' business needs and our offerings for fulfilling them.

Shareholders and Stakeholders

We whole-heartedly believe in growing the size of the whole pie instead of growing the size of one or few individual slices. Accordingly, such win-win bias permeates virtually each of the engagements we undertake.

Push versus Pull Marketing

Our marketing doctrine calls for using the pull technique to transform products/services into objects of desire. Pull is more demanding yet more rewarding than its push counterpart.

ShortTerm and LongTerm

An elusive feat such as non stop business continuity can be harnessed by combining the short term with the long term in business planning cycles. We firmly believe in virtues of such combination.